5-day work
day work per week is implemented to provide leisure and let them enjoy cultural life.
Annual vacation, award vacation, special vacation will be offered for our employees’ healthy and enjoyable life
Telecommunication expense support
Mobile phone support and mobile expense will be paid differently for each position
Auto gas support
If employee’s own car is used for work, gas expense and expendable supplies will be compensated
Award system
By evaluating annual work performance and contribution, excellent employee will be selected and then a special bonus will be paid.
Congratulations and condolences
If congratulations or condolences occurs, an equivalent vacation and supporting compensation (congratulation or condolence) will be paid.
Selective self-development fee
This system provides a selective choice to take any one of self-development, physical training, academic support, electronic goods purchase, or cultural life expense to fulfill individual needs and what he wants depending on preference.
Favorable treatment for continuous service
Any person who works with the company for more than years will get some compensation every five years.
Group injury insurance
The company supports group injury insurance that is other than four major insurance, and supports employees its diagnosis and treatment expense
in case of casualty, injury or illness.
Condominium use
Condominium lodging service when employees are on vacation or on workshop